Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 2010

March was a very uneventful month. We took Mylie to her first live play-musical. My friend Nicole's brother performed in a play at BYU and we went to see him. We were a little nervous Mylie was not going to be very good but she was excellent! She loved it! She would bounce to the sound of the music, clap every time a song ended. She sat there watching the WHOLE play. We are talking about an almost 9 month old baby. We couldn't believe it! She loves music, ever since she was teeny and still to this day (21 months) she knows and sings a lot of songs and enjoys musicals.
I love this picture. She started being really afraid of the vacuum, so I would have to hold her or Dallas would carry her on his shoulders while vacuuming. That was the only way she would not cry... and she just loves to think she's helping!
She started pulling this face out of nowhere. It was her way of saying "what was that?" Every time there was a strange noise or someone would talk to her she would do that face. So cute!
She started enjoying her baths and her toys.
She LOVES daddy. She wanted to do everything daddy was doing.
Notice her hand. She also started doing this at 8 months. Whenever someone would ask her where somebody was she would do that with her hand. Her way of saying "where did she go?" or "where is daddy?" She was definitely trying to communicate.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

February 2010

We were able to go on our family cruise. This time we went on the Eastern Caribbean Cruise. It was lots of fun as always. This time around my niece and nephew came with us. It was their first cruise so it was a blast seeing them so excited. Our cruise left from Miami. It was fun traveling to Miami since we had never been there. We had to transfer to a teeny plane in Tampa. We thought we were going to die... Literally. On our way back home the weather wasn't very friendly and our plane was shaking so bad it felt like we were on a roller coaster the whole way. My niece was really scared... We were ALL really scared. I was praying the whole time we were on the plane.
Other than the horrible 30 min plane ride (which felt like an eternity) our cruise was a blast! We went to a private island- Half Moon Cay (Bahamas), Grand Turk, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico. Mylie didn't come with us (she was eight months old). We missed her tons. Grandma Debi watched her while we were gone and she taught her patty cake. She would sing and clap the song, so cute!
Our favorite beach EVER! Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. The sand was unbelievable... like powder, the water was crystal clear. Our whole family. I love this pic.

Mylie, exited to see mommy after 10 long days. I loved seeing her pretty face. It was the first time we left her. We missed her terribly.
We went to the Everglades in FL right after we got off the boat and before we went to the airport. It was pretty cool to see all those alligators.
My niece and nephew were brave enough to hold one.

In Grand Turk
The blue waters of Grand Turk
St. Thomas. It was great for snorkeling
I just LOVE her. One of my favorite people ever!

Our teeny plane. We could see the control room from our seats. The separation between the control room and the rest of the cabin was a small curtain.
We were taking the pic from the front seat. That is how small it was.
She was 7 months in this picture. She started to love to play and interact with other babies.
She started to smile ALL the time. She was always smiling everywhere we went. So cute!

She discovered how to talk on the phone. At 7 months she was smart enough to put the phone up to her ear or cheek and start jabbering.
We started feeding her solids at 6 months. This pic is at 7 months. She LOVED all the veggies we gave her. We are really grateful she is not a picky eater. Up to this day (20 months) she will eat anything and everything. You have to be careful because she might steal your food!

Friday, March 11, 2011

January 2010

We started the new year by going sledding in grandpa's backyard. Mylie (6 mo's) absolutely loved it. She loves her cousin so she was so happy. She also enjoyed sledding with daddy.
In January Mylie's bottom teeth started breaking through.

Making her first snow angel. We were concerned she wasn't going to like the snow but she didn't fuss at all.
She started to be really interested in all her books. If we just sat her down with a book she would sit there for a couple of min pretending she was reading. (Now (20 mo's) she does the same thing but jabbers and jabbers and jabbers when she's "reading")
She also started to love water. We could start giving her a sippy just with water and she would drink it all. We were really happy that she loves water =)
We took her to the ski Mogul competition up in park city. We dressed her really warm and took her with us. She is such a champ. She didn't cry a single time we were up there, even though it was pretty chilly. We went up with some friends and stayed at their parent's condo in park city. It was fun to have a mini vacation.

She started showing how much she LOVES her cousins. Every time she would see them she would be SO SO happy! just like in the picture. I am grateful that we live close to family so that she can enjoy her cousins. (She also loves her grandpas, grandmas, uncles and aunts! Though she's a little scared of scruffy beards)
We took Mylie to her first jazz game! I cannot emphasize how good a baby she is. She did so good. She was staring at the court like she understood what was going on. She did amazing through the whole game, she didn't fuss the whole time. We went to the game with some friends and it was a blast. Now, she even claps and cheers!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

AF canyon

We have been going up to American Fork Canyon with our family lately to have delicious smores and dutch oven peach cobbler. It is really fun to live so close to the canyon and be able to have fun with our family. It was a little chilly up the canyon and Mylie gets so cold so fast..! We don't know what we are going to do with this little girl once the winter comes.. she is going to freeze! She is so cute and we love her to pieces =)

Dallas and Mylie
Mylie's cute cousin, she is now 1 year old and we are glad Mylie is going to have someone to play with
Brandon, me and Dallas
Dusty, Mandy and my bro in law
My brother Utiak.. he went back to Mexico and we miss him!
My niece and nephew. I LOVE these two kids.. they are so fun!
My sis in law, Debi with Mylie. Mylie loves cuddling.
Me and my princess

This is how Dallas and Mylie fell about our trip to the canyon

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mylie's earings

We got Mylie's ears pierced when she was 2 1/2 weeks old.  I think she looks so cute..! We had to call around everywhere to find somebody who would pierce her ears that young. In Mexico they pierce your ears at the hospital when you are born and I grew up seeing all little girls with their ears pierced so I had to do it. 
She didn't cry very much when they did it. She only cried for like 2 min and I think she was more mad than anything. I was worried that they were going to bother her that night when she went to bed but it didn't seem to bother her at all. 
We love her so much and we are so happy she is finally with us =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

She is finally here!

Mylie Zoe Makin is finally here and we are so happy! =) She was 8 lbs 5 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. She was 6 days past her due date and it seemed like an eternity. We think she was waiting for me to finish with my finals but my contractions started while I was studying for my last final. My contractions started on Thursday at 12 pm and I had her Friday at 4:02 am. She is so sweet and adorable and we love her so much. We couldn't be any happier. We are so glad that she made it here safely =) We love her so much and we could stare at her all day. (and now she shares birthdays with Dallas' brother)