Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 2010

March was a very uneventful month. We took Mylie to her first live play-musical. My friend Nicole's brother performed in a play at BYU and we went to see him. We were a little nervous Mylie was not going to be very good but she was excellent! She loved it! She would bounce to the sound of the music, clap every time a song ended. She sat there watching the WHOLE play. We are talking about an almost 9 month old baby. We couldn't believe it! She loves music, ever since she was teeny and still to this day (21 months) she knows and sings a lot of songs and enjoys musicals.
I love this picture. She started being really afraid of the vacuum, so I would have to hold her or Dallas would carry her on his shoulders while vacuuming. That was the only way she would not cry... and she just loves to think she's helping!
She started pulling this face out of nowhere. It was her way of saying "what was that?" Every time there was a strange noise or someone would talk to her she would do that face. So cute!
She started enjoying her baths and her toys.
She LOVES daddy. She wanted to do everything daddy was doing.
Notice her hand. She also started doing this at 8 months. Whenever someone would ask her where somebody was she would do that with her hand. Her way of saying "where did she go?" or "where is daddy?" She was definitely trying to communicate.

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All about the Jenson's said...

She's so stinkin *CUTE*!!! She looks a lot like you Abby!